• 1920 x 1080 FHD Resolution
  • 3 x HDMI (HDMI 1 shared with MHL)
  • Clear QAM
  • MEMC 120
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By On November 06 00:00:00, 2018

Great TV. I have a Samsung 65” in my living room. This is in my bedroom. Very close in quality and 1/4 the price


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Great Picture.

Great TV. I have a Samsung 65” in my living room. This is in my bedroom. Very close in quality and 1/4 the price


Perfect and just in time for sports!

I think I awed the man by connecting it to the internet while he was in the shower. He thought that the TV was great before, now he's amazed. Great deal, great color



I love the TV


Really Nice TV. Well Made. Nice Picture. Order a Sound Bar...

Really Nice TV. Well Made. Nice Picture. The only issue I have is that the sound isn't as good as my old 6 year old Scrptre. The sound is less than acceptable. Order a Sound Bar. with your order.


great value

great monitor for the price. for the first tv ive ever purchased im pretty satisfied with it. the amount of connectivity was impressive. The sound isnt great but it has an eq that will help a lot. No complaints here.


Five Stars



Easy set up!!!!!

The TV arrived a day early. I was not at home. Lucky the UPS driver left it at my back covered porch, it was raining! As soon as I got home in the evening I brought it inside. It was late so I didn't open it until today. A good neighbor friend came over and she & I took it out of the box and screwed the legs on. Sceptre even provided a little screw driver! I plugged my Roku Streaming Stick Plus into the HDMI-1 spot with the SUB port hook up for wireless. Then I hooked up my Blue Ray into the HDMI-3 spot, then I hooked up my VCR/DVD combo into the red, white & yellow ports. Then we lifted this very light weight TV onto my cabinet and plugged her in. Using the TV remote I pressed power. NOTHING happened. After realizing maybe it was the batteries they sent were too old, I switched to fresh Energizer batteries and it worked! My Roku came on the screen right away. I scrolled down to settings and clicked onto Roku remote to run my TV and it was all set up in seconds! I played something on Netflix....GREAT! Then Amazon Prime....Great! Then I turned to YouTube.....GREAT! The picture quality on this set is really GOOD and the sound is fantastic! This Sceptre 43"TV is replacing a 39" LG HD LED TV that died on me last week after having it for only 4 years and 2 months! The LG was twice the price as this one, and side by side right now I have to say I can't see much difference in picture quality. The LG sounded very surround sound though, but this TV has great volume to me, even my friend thought it was way too loud. I see no need for any added speakers or a sound bar at all. I'm glad I got this for the sale price but at under $250 for a TV of this size and quality it's worth it. I cut the cord 4 years ago and now only stream and I love it!! This was the easiest TV ever to set up! My friend & I are both senior citizens and this was a snap! I love Amazon.com I ordered this Friday, 9-28-18 and got it delivered to my back door on Tuesday,


Quality for Less.

Excellent TV for a good price!


Great for the money!

I could not expect a better picture for what I paid for this tv, GREAT BUY!!


Great TV

Great TV, good picture and sound. Arrived on time, easy setup.


Picture great, sound not so great

This TV has an amazing picture--even better than the five year old Sceptre set that it replaced. However, the sound on this set was more like a '50's pocket transistor radio--not nearly as good as on the earlier set. The sound problem was solved by purchasing a low cost Sceptre sound bar which was well worth the added cost. The TV is thin and very light weight, making installation on a wall mount very easy.


Great 43 led tv ! Very satisfied .

Picture perfect from day one. Enjoying nature documentary's on Netflix. Like you are with the cameraman in the moment. Added a sound bar for better audio. We had a Roku so we did not need a smart TV .
Very satisfied with the purchase.


great quality

a gift for my nephew he loves it


Good Price

This is a lower end TV but is fine for my needs. Picture is clear and sharp. Sometimes the sound is not as clear but that seems to be random and might be a cable issue. I would recommend this TV for the average viewer.


Great for the price but poor audio.

The only CON I notice is sub-par audio. I'm not very picky about audio, either, but these speakers just don't sound good. Little to no bass and pretty much sound like old mono speakers. Plenty of volume, though.

Great picture quality
Low price--high value, IMO
Easy setup and menu
Sufficient inputs

I purchased this for my screened in deck and it works great for that purpose. Will likely buy a speaker bar.
Have had this for over a month with no problems. I would purchase again.




Mark123 2018-08-10

Bought this TV to replace the one in my bedroom. Great picture and good sound. Perfect for the bedroom.

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Solid tv for the price and size.


Still working on screen adjustments but very impressed other wise ...

Still working on screen adjustments but very impressed other wise. This TV replaces a 32" in bedroom so sound is not an issue compared to a family room environment. Action scenes are spot on.


Good tv. Converts fast



Love this TV!

This tv is amazing,picture is fabulous and the price is right

I would buy this again


Five Stars

love it



my FIOS box and a Sceptre SB80-PS SB 20 Inch Sound Bar (Optical cable) - all functioning beautifully with this TV

For the money, can't beat it. I have a Chromebox linked to it, a Roku Premiere+ box, DVD player, my FIOS box and a Sceptre SB80-PS SB 20 Inch Sound Bar (Optical cable) - all functioning beautifully with this TV. Excellent display with some additional display options I haven't seen before (MEMC) etc. Happy happy here...

Edit: Due to the wide stance of the leg placement, I wasn't sure it would fit on the smallish stand I wanted to use. I purchased a AEON Universal TV Stand for TV with swivel and height adjustment. Glad I did, it wouldn't have fit. Is very nice on the stand.

IamKay 2018-05-24

Beautiful picture

I needed a larger screen than I had for sitting room. I purchased this and was very thrilled with the picture and easy set up. I would recommend this tv to anyone. I am very happy with my purchase.

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Edgar77 2017-12-31

Nice picture

I bought it 3 days ago and the picture is amazing the sound quality is pretty good... glad I made the rigth choice

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Skoslo01 2017-12-19

Nice picture

I bought this on Black Friday for a great deal. It has wonderful picture and sound quality.

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William G 2017-12-09

Great TV at a great value

I bought this TV on impluse as it was a great price st my local Wal-Mart store..I am very pleased with set up. And quality of picture. Sound is good. I added sceptre sound bar ( which happens to work with included TV remote) .. It‘s not a smart TV but it works great with my smary DVD player...Glad I bought it and would do it again. I do recommend this TV..Thanks

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