24" Curved LED Monitor

  • 1920 x 1080 FHD Resolution
  • Up to 75Hz Refresh Rate
  • Fast Response Time
  • DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA & PC Audio In Ports
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By Dragonass On March 16 11:15:00, 2019

Great monitor for gaming and work ! Clear,crisp picture,light weight and incredibly thin ! Ordering another for a potentially awesome dual monitor set up.


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Dragonass 2019-03-16

Sceptre C248W-1920R 24"

Great monitor for gaming and work ! Clear,crisp picture,light weight and incredibly thin ! Ordering another for a potentially awesome dual monitor set up.

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Amazing for the price

Easy to assemble. Had no issues so far. Very good monitor.


Great Picture, Immersive Gameplay

I received this product on Chrismtas Day and have used it frequently since.

I am quite impressed with its picture quality, and seemingly well constructed composition. I upgraded from at 60hz to this monitor, which is 75, boosting framerate and better matching the output of my Nvidia GTX 1060 GPU. Its size and dynamic curve design make for an immersive gaming experience. This monitor is worth what you pay, and even then, it is on the lower end of the market in terms of cost. Highly recommended


I really like this.

So I'm new to PC gaming and I bought an awesome PC and needed a really great monitor that didn't break the bank. This one is perfect. In fact, I plan on buying a second one shortly.


It's the best ever

Love it the curve is great as well as picture quality


10/10 Amazing

This monitor is perfect I haven’t had a problem with competitive gaming and it is really sturdy and the picture quality is amazing and the curve makes it to where there is no light glance unless there is a light pointed directly at it 10/10 from me I would recommend to anyone looking for a monitor for gaming


Good product for the price

A present and it was very well liked and is now used daily


Great budget screen

I've wanted a curve display for a while. The issue is most curved displays are very pricey. I found this to be an ideal monitor for my gaming set up. It's refresh rate is 75 which isn't the best for gaming but enjoying 75 fps is still more than what most people have. My gaming laptop is powerful but has a poor screen so this perfectly makes up for it without breaking the bank.


Curved monitor and picture qaulity is awesome

I looked for other curve monitors and this is probably the best bang for your buck if you’re looking for a good quality monitor


Great monitor for the price.

Lets start with the positive.... The price and the image quality are very good. Yes you have to adjust things to meet your needs but I find that with most monitors in this class. The over all quality of the monitor is excellent. The base and most of the shell is Metal and the feel of the plastic is actually good. On the flip side the AC plug could be longer


Works great for gaming!

Great monitor for the money and works great for gaming.


Highly recommend

Great monitor for budget gaming, highly recommend


Monitor Speaker

The built in speaker to the monitor is A: one sided, and B: not a very great speaker to begin with. I would suggest investing in an external speaker system of some sort for the monitor


Surprisingly impressive

24 inches, curved display, 1080p resolution, 75hz refresh rate, and audio built in- all for 115 dollars. Quite a steal if you ask me.

Also, I have to say- I presumed their would be some cut-offs/trade-offs to include all of this at 115, but thus far I haven't noticed anything substantial. From the get-go, the packaging was very good, and even included a VGA and HDMI cable (which I didn't expect for something of this price-point). The monitor itself feels of high quality and the display is quite nice, particularly the colors. The only aspect I would note are the speakers; they are adequate but obviously not great.


Great Price, Nice Display & Connectivity options

This monitor comes with various connectivity options. It supports DP, HDMI and VGA. I have a variety systems that I often need to connect and test so this is a good feature for me. The monitor is super light and pictures and videos are nice and crisp. I have not seen any lagging in the videos I've watched but I haven't tested any games and that is not what I purchased this for. It was delivered quickly and nicely packed. The package included a power supply, VGA & HDMI cables. You have to attach the stand and stem to the monitor. 1 screw for the base stand and 2 for the stem to the back of the monitor. The only odd thing I've found with this monitor is that the power/menu buttons are on the back of the monitor as opposed to the side or bottom. The position of the menu may be an issue if you end up mounting this on a wall or something. Also the power cable is a bit short (~ 3ft) which may be an issue for some folks but it works well for me!



My boyfriend loved it as a gift. The picture is great, speaker quality is a little poor but I cant complain for the size and perfect condition it arrived in. <3


Amazing for the price!

You probably won’t find another curved, 75hz, 1080p monitor for less than $150. Speakers are fine (about what you’d expect from built in speakers). Easy to assemble and even comes with a screwdriver. Overall a great bang for the buck gaming monitor.


It's good

It's good the picture still look good for browsing and little bit for gaming. Wish the volume could of sound louder.


Quality 10/10



Eh it's ok at best

Bought 2 of these for the kids to use for their PC and Nintendo switch docks. Initially running 60hz on PC imagine quality was HORRIBLE very dull and hazy. Adjusted the settings to run at 75hz and it became a lot more clear. However when in game. Not all games operate properly above 60fps. They tend to speed up awkwardly. So with it set to 60hz games just look bad. Also the Nintendo switch runs at 60hz obviously being a console so again it looks just... bad. If the monitor could operate properly at 60hz I'd be happy. Also the input switch and speaker volume control arent child friendly. Placed awkwardly on rear of panel vs side or bottom.


Beautiful and cheap monitor



Far exceeds expectations!!!

Simply the best monitor you never knew you needed but you do!!!


It's good

Exactly what I expected. Good quality monitor


It's good

Exactly what I expected. Good quality monitor


Best quality for value. It’s $116, don’t compare it to a $500-1000 monitor. Great buy 10/10.

For the money it is great! Especially if you are thinking of getting a decent monitor to game and you don’t know if you want to spend to much. For $116 the value is there. It’s not as curved as I’d like but I really have no complaints. Easy 5 stars for quality of value. The monitor also swivels up and down which is nice to adjust it for optimal viewing.



Nice monitor, just what i was looking for and its very cheap


Best curved monitor for the money

It’s a great screen and the price is excellent! Some people may find the stand a little low, but I’ll be hanging mine up so it doesn’t effect my rating any.