32" Curved LED Gaming Monitor

  • 1920 x 1080 Full HD Resolution
  • Up to 144Hz Refresh Rate
  • AMD FreeSyncTM Compatible
  • 1 x HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort
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By On May 01 00:00:00, 2019



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Great gaming monitor


Picture quality is awesome.

I love this monitor. It is great for gaming and the color depth is amazing. And with 1ms response times it's definitely got what it takes. However as someone like me who wears glasses, sometimes I feel like I'm sitting to close and it's hard for my eyes to focus. Probly cuz of the size. It's still a great monitor and next time you can guarantee I'll buy from Sceptre, however next time I'll only get the 27 inch or 24 inch, that way I can focus. IDK that's just me. If you don't have trouble focusing then this monitor is definitely the one for you. Thanks Sceptre!


Great curved monitor

I love this monitor. Crisp picture quality for 1080p. Games on it look awesome. Easy set up. Good bang for your buck with this thing. I recommend it. No complaints.


It's great for its price

Great picture all meats frame and good for gaming i play a lot of games and have a great experience with this



Good for the price


Value buy

Heard a lot of issues on this product about burnt pixels. Received mine and noticed nothing of the sort. The picture quality is as expected for the price. But for a gaming monitor on a budget- this is the ticket!


Value buy

Heard a lot of issues on this product about burnt pixels. Received mine and noticed nothing of the sort. The picture quality is as expected for the price. But for a gaming monitor on a budget- this is the ticket!


Excellent monitor and build quality, slightly damaged during shipping

This item would have gotten 5 stars but the bezel of the monitor was broken on arrival. I was given the choice to return or take a 10% discount, and since the screen still looks great and it was strictly aesthetics I chose the discount. Overall for the price it's an excellent monitor. With some tweekng in the settings the picture looks great. As for sound, this does come with built in speakers which are not good, but good enough for my Nintendo switch as I use a headset with the PC so it doesn't bother me. For the price you won't find a better 144hz monitor that is 32 inches at 1080p. Build quality seems quite good and the base is all metal, but the bezel is plastic and something that was broken on my order. I would highly recommend it if you are looking to get a 144hz monitor.





Happy with purchase

Waited a few months to pass before review. I am happy so far with this monitor. It's cheap so the resolution isnt that great. I am a first person shooter gamer, this monitor is great for the gamer on a budget. 144hz helped me alot.


Great value, be sure to read instructions.

Read all the reviews. I was a little worried due to the number of people claiming issues of dead cells, pixel issues etc. After getting it, and taking great care when opening and setting it up (read the instructions, it says right inside to set the monitor face down somewhere with the packing foam still attached). That way you avoid... cell damage and pixel issues.
I would guess a fair number of people either laid it down without being in the foam, or grabbed it with having fingers on the screen to pick it up.
Tldr: Great monitor for the price. Read instructions to avoid damaging unit, and to make sure you know how to utilize the 144hz refresh. (It comes set at 60hz refresh rate. )


Great value!

I was a little sceptical when i first was reading the reviews on this monitor but mine arrived perfect. Amazing picture. I noticed for the first time the dramatic difference in picture quality between a 720p and now having 1080p. Love this monitor.


If budget, get it :)

Overall, great price and well worth it.

Mine arrived with No dead pixels, yay! Awesome display, it might be in my mind, but I feel like I am gaming better now that I have this display. Super responsive and clear.

Someone else called out my only qualms

Speakers arent great. After listening for a while, you get used to it, but right out of the box, it doesn't sound great. But hey, it has speakers :) I use headphones most of the time so not a real issue for me.

The buttons are on the back right side, kinda like some TVs. Again, not an issue for me, but depending on your setup, it migh6 be difficult to get to them.

Comes with display port cable!

If I could change one thing, other than the speakers or adding a remote, it would be the screen tilt. It tilts backward quite a bit, but only moves slightly forward or down.

All in all, 5 stars at this point!


So far, so good

I had never heard of Sceptre as a brand so I was worried about dead pixels, DOA, or cheap materials. There are no dead pixels, it worked perfectly right out of the box, and the base and neck are made of solid, heavy metal. The instructions were simple and easy to understand - the one issue was a user error. So far it seems really great for the price point. Other monitors offering similar features were two to three times the price. The only thing I will say is make sure you know you are buying a BIG monitor. I didn't take adequate stock of the space I was putting it in and the monitor is dominating the area - but that was my mistake not the manufacturer's.



What more to say other than purely surprised by this monitor. The picture is clear, there are no dead pixels, and it's been pretty great thus far. I can safely see a huge difference between this and my 60hz 27". It's brighter and much prettier.

The only con I can think of is that the VESA mounting is on the bottom of the back panel instead of the center. I get it because of the curve in the display but it means that I have to move my current wall mount so that it sits nicely.


Size and Graphic Quality

Monitor is great, speakers poor quality, but performance is great. could of used a remote, since all buttons are on the back of unit, makes it harder to turn on.


My kids a gamer. He loves it.

I bought a different monitor for Christmas and got shamed! Evidently the refresh is important to a gamer! This was the solution and I'm so glad he's happy now. Thanks!


Love it

Great monitor for the cost. And very happy with this purchase


Love it

Great monitor for the cost. And very happy with this purchase


No dead pixels

Gaming pv


Fast shipping

Awesome product


Amazing Monitor for the Price

I was scared while buying it from some of the other reviews saying it had dead pixels and smudges but in the end I ordered it. I got mine today in perfect condition and it is a great price for the size and Hz of the monitor


Great monitor

Great price and picture


Impressed for the money!

This monitor was much bigger than expected and takes some getting used too. Overall great quality! Metal mount, nice curve, etc. The only con I have is on a black screen you can see some screen bleed on both sides of the monitor. But for the money I think this is a great pickup for gaming and general use.

cridawg 2019-01-19

crisp and detailed!

just got this 3 days ago on amazon and I absolutely love it! with 144hz it makes my streaming and online game play way more fun than before. I would say this is the best I have ever purchased for the price indeed. easy set up and easy on the eyes. I would recommend this and have already to anyone who does video/photo editing or just using for game playing! Great job sceptre. keep it up. Thank you for your time.

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Old guy here. Helps me keep up with the kids.. well not really.. But this monitor increased my kills and decreased my deaths if you are into gaming, and I am not very good.


Buy this motor if you are cheap like me


Son Loves it

The refresh rate is wonderful and the quality of picture is excellent and the curved screen I am told by my 15 year old is all worth it. I said I could have gotten a flat one for $50.00 less and wife said no the curved screen is 100% worth the extra money. Satisfied so far. Asked son to look for out pixels but am told they notice none as that was the biggest complaint I read. Loves it


Good enough

Good quality monitor. Internal speakers are bad. What I mean is that they could've done better. Seems like the internal speakers are from like the 2000's early generation. However, Overall I'm really satisfied with this purchase, I was looking for a good gaming monitor that I could afford as well. So This is a really good product. I haven't used it for really heavy gaming but I will later on so If anything check later for an update.


Great monitor

Great monitor have no issues with it. If you're looking for the best you can get 144hz refresh at a better price than most other products this is it. No complaints at all.


Great purchase for the price

Where's the refresh rate was higher but other than that for the price great picture for gaming I use it for Xbox One slim works great with just the HDMI cable seems to work better than the DisplayPort or the DVI


very nice for the money

initial product received was flawed with some dead pixels. not impressed with initial product. worked a replacement with amazon. received a new monitor and am very pleased. works great. went from 3 smaller monitors to this one and i am enjoying it. looks so much better and the graphics are on point.


Im Impressed. I Really Am.

I read tons of reviews on this. Dead pixels, DoA.... blah blah blah. 10 bad reviews for every 50 good ones. I was nervous but decided to buy one. Im glad to say im am very impressed with this monitor. I use mine to game on Xbox One X at 1080p. Very clear picture. It even has built speakers somewhere. It would nice if it had a remote, to turn on/off and adjust volume control. See pic to understand why the buttons suck for me. The 32" is in the center.



very light deliver fast, good value for 250


Very nice monitor

Product seems to be of good quality hooked it up yesterday picture is clear and the response of the monitor he’s very fast I would buy again


Wow! It's huge... Very immversive gaming!

Great value for the money. Absolutely huge monitor with fast refresh. No problems or dead pixels. I wanted a higher resolution, but could not afford or justify the price difference for 2k/4k resolution with fast refresh. I am pleased with this purchase.
* Update 3/15/19 Still works great. No dead pixels no issues. Might consider a 2K monitor today as prices have fallen a little. I am still very satisfied with this purchase.


Five Stars

I really enjoy using this monitor for casual gaming and a bit of web surfing.

PaulC 2018-10-25

Great monitor for the Price

I purchased this monitor a week ago and upgraded from a 21". For a 1080P monitor with 144Hz refresh rate at the price I paid, it can‘t be beat. It has AMD FreeSync which is wonderful and the huge 32" display is awesome. Nice job Sceptre.

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Why Sceptre?Price

Know Sceptre?Online Stores

Quality of Product
Value of Product

A great deal

This monitor is awesome. I first encountered this brand at an IBUYPOWER event. This is my second monitor from Septre and I have been really happy with my decision to buy it.


The product refresh rate was easy to set up

Pro: The product refresh rate was easy to set up. It was easy to install and hook up to my desktop.

Cons: The back mounting for the stand is not directly in the center of the back panel(But its not a big deal).


Been using it for several days and I'm not disappointed with the monitor's performance regarding gaming on the PS4

Meets all expectations. Been using it for several days and I'm not disappointed with the monitor's performance regarding gaming on the PS4: Destiny 2, Diablo III, etc. The blue light shift option is nice, mine is set at a 10% shift. That really alleviates eye strain. Still fiddling with colors and contrast but out of the box it was game ready. Never noticed any mention of a speaker but it has one albeit very basic. Its curve is nice and I recommend 3'-4' for optimal viewing distance or whatever your most comfortable with. Additionally, the quick pixel response time makes my FPS games smooth. I recommend this for the couch gamer, 32 inches is more than satisfactory to make out all details, words, letters in games as they are displayed crisply. Happy Gaming.