24" Curved LED Gaming Monitor

  • 1920 x 1080 Full HD Resolution
  • Up to 144Hz Refresh Rate
  • AMD FreeSyncTM Compatible
  • 1 x HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort
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By On April 24 00:00:00, 2019

I was a little hesitant in buying a Gaming Monitor but this was a prefect items. No issues with shipping and once I installed my new PC it graphics is perfect. This is my first curved Monitor and loving it so far I would recommend this to any DOTA 2 PC Gamers or MTG Arena it will leave you in shock and it's must have with any gamers out there. Thank You


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Love my New Curved Monitor Perfect Picture :)

I was a little hesitant in buying a Gaming Monitor but this was a prefect items. No issues with shipping and once I installed my new PC it graphics is perfect. This is my first curved Monitor and loving it so far I would recommend this to any DOTA 2 PC Gamers or MTG Arena it will leave you in shock and it's must have with any gamers out there. Thank You


Good for Gamers

I have used this monitor for two months. The monitor has amazed me with its 144hz refresh rate, freesync, and curve. The monitor came with a moderately safe package, a 3ft(?) display port cable, and a somewhat sturdy stand. All I can complain about is the stand that allows little bouncing of the monitor when the table is rocked. I would recommend the consumer to buy a longer cable because the one provided isn't long enough for the average Joe.


Great Value Monitor

The monitor itself is pretty good, it is my first 144hz monitor but it is noticeable for me and has so far made positive progress on my stats.
Great Value, the on board speakers are really weak and kinda gross sounding but still work the purchase.


Sturdy and reliable

Im a huge gamer and i like benchmarking my PC, I had no issues with frames skipping or tare when going through my benchmark test. Now i only have a mid tier gaming PC but it still runs 1080 P like a dream. Just a CAUTION! tho the screen is very sensitive to sharp objects compared to some others i have seen so handle with care if transporting.


All you need

If your looking for a gaming monitor this is it


Great budget gaming monitor

Great to use out of the box I highly recommend


Good value for what you get

Never owned a this brand monitor before but so far very happy with it. For the price you can’t beat it. We will eventually add 2 more to our setup.


Nice monitor for the price

I bought this for my grandsons and they love the screen. I believe the picture quality is very good. It makes me consider buying a curved screen tv for the living room. My daughter has used this for gaming with her laptop and also likes it alot.


It's great

Love it. Great value for it price


love it

i didn't know how it would work, but I do like it. really nice picture


Very high quality parts/picture for the price

Screen looks great, runs as advertised at 144Hz, the base is sturdy and adjustable, and the install hardware actually came with a philips head screwdriver. What more could you ask for at that price? Just got it today so will update review if anything changes


Great Price for 1080- 144hz and Curved

Title says it all, I have mine running at 2k upscaled right now and it looks fantastic. I never thought that the whole FreeSync thing was a big deal but it makes a HUGE difference in games that don't always hit the 144hz mark, really smoothes out the image. As far as I'm concerned I'll definitely be buying another one soon.


Awesome 144 Hertz Monitor

Works great


Overall great product

I think this monitor is fantastic for the price. It's hard to find something that's 1920x1080 AND 144hz for this price. The size is perfect for this resolution also. Very clear picture. Some were complaining about the colors being off but I think they look nice, perhaps a bit warmer than other monitors. There is one dead pixel towards the top of the screen, but its so small that it doesn't bother me at all. I hardly notice it unless im actively looking for it. Im very happy with this purchase.

Nelson 2018-10-30

Great Monitor

i bought this monitor on a budget and it is amazing! great quality 144hz and has a blue light filter setting in the monitor! this monitor is worth the money. But! if sound is a big part of your purchase these monitors in board speakers are not the best they are low quality and the sound is not loud at all

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Value of Product


Great monitor for price, comes with free screwdriver too for installation, so for works great


buy it now

this is my first 144hz monitor and let me tell you that this monitor is amazing. it doesn't feel weird browsing the web and playing games looks stunning and more immersive thanks to the curve. one criticism is that in Overwatch vsync kept it at 60fps and without vsync there was some screen tearing. however in spite of that this monitor gives you what a lot of the other 144hz monitors give you, but with a curved screen and about $50 cheaper.


Great 144hz monitor

Mine came as perfect as can be. Also the curved is a nice feature that other monitors don't have around this price.


Overall good

Overall it’s a very good product. It is 1080p and actually can put out 144hz, my only complaint is where the mounting bracket is located. It’s at the bottom of the monitor whereas my other monitors bracket is in the center. So other than my monitors not lining up this is a pretty solid monitor for the price.


Awesome Monitor for the Price

This monitor offers the best bang-for-the-buck you can get on amazon. The picture is great and the refresh rate makes gameplay super smooth. Looks great and it easy to use. I would totally recommend this.


Fantastic deal!

I absolutely love this monitor! It is a premium product with out the premium price! 180$?! It’s an absolute steal, the stand is solid, and the panel is flawless. Mine came with a display port cable as well as all the hardware and tools... yes I said tools! This thing comes with a freaking screw driver to assemble it with!
Definitely buy one if you interested in 144hz gaming!
(No this is not a paid review)


Great on paper

I haven't bought this monitor yet, but on the page, it seems like a legendary deal! 180 dollars for a 24 inch 144Hz monitor?! Crazy! Usually on Amazon, I find these same types of monitors in the 200 to 300 dollar range. The only problem is that the 200 dollar ones have a lot of bad reviews and the monitors look pretty boring and ugly. This monitor is cheaper AND looks more appealing. Although so far, it has no reviews yet, but I've bought a monitor from Sceptre before, and it was great. It was a little pixelated, but I was really close to the screen and I got a 27 inch model, so I'm sure this monitor won't have the same issue. Overall, I think this monitor is worth at least a try. You can always return it :D