U550CV-UMC (2019)

55" 4K UHD TV

  • 3840 x 2160 4K Resolution
  • HDMI 2.0 & HDCP 2.2
  • Clear QAM
  • ARC & CEC
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By On August 21 00:00:00, 2019

This TV has an awesome picture. The sound is great until you are trying to watch a movie. Doesn't make sense on that part. You just can't beat it for the price. Five stars


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55" Sceptre

This TV has an awesome picture. The sound is great until you are trying to watch a movie. Doesn't make sense on that part. You just can't beat it for the price. Five stars


Sceptre 55"

Amazing picture quality, very user friendly. Great sound and it's also very light. It's not obnoxiously heavy like my past t.v's.


love the 4k picture. was amazed. Have had very good luck with sceptre tv's in the past also


What's not to love?

I have three other scepter TVs in my house. I’ve never had a problem with them. This one arrived in a timely manner, the Fed ex guy brought it right in my house because it was heavy. It’s perfect. I don’t need stereo sound or whatever everybody complains about but if I did, I would just buy a sound bar. It’s huge. It’s a bargain. If I ever have trouble, I will update this review. But all of my other scepter TVs, which I’ve had for over two years, have never had a problem. It says right on the box not to press on the screen. I wonder if the people having problems with pixels or pressing on the screen or something.



very good price. was easy to set up and the picture so far is great


Exceptional Value

Great TV for the price. Its not a smart TV. But it works great for the PS4


Great TV; Unbeatable Price

This is an awesome TV that is not a "smart tv". If you use Chromecast from Google, this is the best 4k hdtv for the money.


Great for the price!

Great pic!! I was very nervous to buy this TV since it was pretty cheap but I'm so happy I did. My only complaint is the sound isn't the best but I have a sound bar so it's perfect now! I would totally recommend this TV.


all of my tvs are spectre and this one didnt disappoint. great buy


Awesome TV shows

I'm totally happy with my purchase this TV has great picture and sound


55" Sceptre excellent TV for the price "get one"

a very good TV ,great picture, sound not so good, i used a sound bar, now great. good price for this unit, has many hook ups.everything worked. I would recomend this Sceptre TV


Best Buy.

Some people would stay away from this television simply because they would think it was priced too low to be any good, however they are mistaken. I am enjoying this television. The video is great and the sound quality is great. I have told a number friends about it and 3 of them have already ordered one.


Worth the price

This TV is big and beautiful. I think the sound is great and the picture is good quality. Once it is in your home and not hanging right next to the $1000. models you won't tell the difference.


Great Purchase!!!

Great TV. Picture is awesome and you will not need a sound bar with this TV.


Love My 55" Sceptre

Picture clarity is awesome. Speaker was kind of tinny until I adjusted the equalizer. It could sound better but for the price it sounds great. I bought this TV for one reason, PS4 it does not disappoint. Very HAPPY!


Gorgeous picture and easy set up

It was delivered fast and very easy to set up. Beautiful picture and wonderful sound. I'm very happy with it. I also own a 50 inch that is a few years old and I absolutely love it. This newer version in the 55 inch has an even better picture quality and I'm thrilled. The price was so great for my budget too.


Amazing TV for the price

Amazing TV for this price. 55" is huge, the TV itself is very slim ~2-2 1/2" max. The feet for the stand are a solid metal instead of plastic, and sit at about 48" in width (so your TV stand will need to be at least that width). Fairly quick start up, not a lot of waiting for the screen to power up. Viewing quality is great whether it's a movie, streaming, or gaming. Has plenty of HDMI and other input connections to meet your needs. The sound from the speakers is a little "blaring". Absolutely no bass quality, but if you're watching a TV show or sitcom it's fine. For some gaming and movies I'd recommend a soundbar, but isn't that most TV's nowadays? Definitely an amazing deal for a TV like this.


Great TV!

Awesome picture, sound is descent but who uses the TV speakers anymore? Great TV for the price and size!


Sceptre 55: 4k, no smart tv

4-7-2019 $259 Shipped to house. Arrived new and in working condition. Did not want to spend alot of money so I took a chance. Watched reviews on youtube. Settings adjustments are very impressive. We bought the addon 3yr waranty. Am I happy with product? YES I AM FOR THE PRICE. Movies are good. Motion fine. Color ok. And its a big big boy, that is the tv. Using my own smart boxes, Mi Box and Minix box. We do everything over the internet, no cable. Also use NAS box. If you have the tv set to a hdmi with no connection you will see a blank screen and will notice imperfections on the screen backlight, mostly in the corners. You will not see this if watching content such as a movie or channel tv. So dont freek out or worry, this is what you get for such a low price. Also first few hours of usage you may smell an electronics odor, it goes away, normal. We use both external and internal speakers and are happy with this. You can turn on and off internal speakers if needed. Sound equalizer adjustments for both ext and int speakers. Very nice. TV next to 2 windows. Brightness ok in bright room. I looked at TVs in the store and was not impressed. Really no better than this one. We had a 40" Sony before and was NOT happy. Now much more happy with this TV. We dont have children but if you do they will love this TV. If you have a room thats 20'x20' or larger then i can see getting a larger TV but if not, like us, a larger TV would have been a huge mistake. 55" is big enough or just right. Remote nice but has way too many buttons, but this is not a problem. IF YOU WANT TO SAVE MORE MONEY there is a 1080p version of this TV, non 4k, and my guess is that people will be just as happy with picture. For the average person you have to say at some point "more better" is really hard to see or notice. Just draw a line and be happy. Also it was important to me to get a non "smart tv". I am sick of all the different private app stores with different br


Everything came in perfect shape beautiful sound beautiful picture thank you


The best for a good price.

Finally a great priced 4K LED tv. Just make sure you have a surface length of 57”. Very stable stands. The picture quality is perfect for tv or online games. I'm very happy with my purchase. 5 stars


Great Buy!

Sceptre is probably the best off brand TV you can buy. It has a bright picture and loads video games and action movies extremely well.


Great purchase!!!

The television shipped very quickly. It has a great picture and the sound is amazing. Well worth the price!


I keep buying, so it must be good!

I ordered one for my daughter 2 years ago, 32” and then last year another for my other daughter. I liked how they looked so I bought another for the living room and mounted on the wall. Great picture and sound and great price!


55" Sceptre TV

Great picture, easy to install, easy set-up. Very happy.


Great TV for the Price

This 55" 4K HD Sceptre TV has very good stereo sound

Leigh225 2019-02-07

Awesome picture and pixels

I purchased this on friday and picked it up today, what a awesome tv for the price and size. I would highly recommend it, I use over the air and it shows excellent.

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