Speaker SoundBar

  • Built-in Android OS
  • SRS WOW™ audio technology 
  • Wifi connection
  • 4 DSP sound modes
  • HDMI output 
  • Wall Mountable
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By On January 12 00:00:00, 2016

I npurchased this Sceptre Sound Bar because I purchased a Sceptre tv and wanted to improve the sound quality. It did enhance the sound of the movies I've watched.


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Nice Sound.

I npurchased this Sceptre Sound Bar because I purchased a Sceptre tv and wanted to improve the sound quality. It did enhance the sound of the movies I've watched.


Best bang for the buck

great product for the price


Four Stars

Works with monitor


Really great sound over the Sceptre TV

Really great sound over the Sceptre TV. The only thing I wish is that the lights would stay on when the sound bar is on. The lights go completely off so it's hard to tell if the sound bar is still on or not.

ems864 2015-02-14

Great Features

I bought this sound bar a few month ago and it is awesome and I would definitely recommend it.

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MS39157 2015-02-10

Good, but needs updating

I bought the SB301524W sound bar to go with a Sceptre U500CV (4K) television. The TV has good volume, but is a little tinny. The sound from the sound bar is noticeably better, and I am just using the line-out from the TV! Why am I just using the line-out? ...Because, the TV has an optical (red laser) SPDIF output, but the sound bar has a co-axial SPDIF input. Different! So I can‘t use/review SPDIF capability. I encourage Sceptre to bring out a sound bar with optical SPDIF. You don‘t need to use the Sound Bar remote if you have a Sceptre TV, since the TV remote has Sound Bar buttons. However, if you use the TV volume buttons then they change the volume on BOTH the TV, and on the sound bar. That‘s a shame, since you are best having the TV sound at zero, and just using the sound bar. If you mute the Sceptre TV sound it leaves a mute "rectangle" notification in the bottom right of the picture. Integrating Android into the speaker is a really neat idea! Get yourself a wireless keyboard such as a Rii mini i8, and you can do e-mail and search with ease, even play Angry Birds on your TV. The sound bar comes installed with a sceptre launcher which is basically a sound bar control center. However, you have access to the Google Play Store, and so can download other launchers so that the screen will look like a phone or tablet with app shortcuts and widgets. This means - if you don‘t have a Smart TV, or a Smart Blu-Ray player - the sound bar gives your TV smart capability, just like a Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire-stick, &c. You can download YouTube, or Crackle, or Google Play Movies apps, and so on. The ones I have tried have performed okay. However, the processor is old compared to most android devices in 2015. (ARM A9 1Ghz with a GPU that only supports 720p/1080p) This suggests the android functionality may suffer when streaming services start rolling out 4K. The android OS is also ICS - it‘s functional, but I do hope that Sceptr

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WOW! WOW! WOW! Great sounds and great price! Thank you!!

WOW! WOW! For the price this sound bar is much better than I expected. I purchased this sound bar (rather than one of the the many others) because it matched the same name brand as my TV and I noticed an extra control for SOUND bar volume on my current TV remote. After I ordered this sound bar I then read the reviews (yes I realize I did this in the wrong order lol) and I was some what nervous but I figured I will give it a try. Well the sound is great. I haven't even turned it up all the way yet and it has plenty of sound. I use to work at a major retailer who sells electronics and from playing with the items from $99 sound bars and $5,000 home theater systems, I realize you get more with a home theater but my budget isn't ready for that yet.


Works good with Sceptre TV but not real loud

Works good with Sceptre TV but not real loud. The on off is a little confusing seems to shut off and then you have to push the source button again. Might be somthing we are doing wrong. Sounds good.