What a great TV!

I have only had it a month so I really can't judge it yet. I am impressed with the color and the true black. It has a headphone jack so I can watch TV without waking up the wife, truly a special feature and an absolute necessity for peace of mind! The remote is VERY light, it doesn't have the chunk of metal inside that makes other remotes feel good in your hand.


Ive used it for about two months now everyone complains...

Ive used it for about two months now everyone complains about the sound, but even without a sound bar or whatever you use im not complaining.

Garyl 2016-10-24

Sceptre uhd 50

Just got it but has a great picture with awsome colors and great sound!

4k tv

I ordered the 4k TV simply because of price. Picture quality is outstanding, although I'm not using it for 4K. It's a great TV for the buy.


Good Decent TV

We have the TV for over 3 months, so far so good. For the 4K viewing of pictures, you have to connect it to HDMI cable. The picture is so clear and Hi-def and big pixels...It's only $325. Just don't buy it during the holidays, it will be cracked or damaged. Comparing to LG, Samsung, RCA, etc., You can't...Really... can't find a better price than this one.


A beautiful Picture

This is an amazing TV, the picture quality is fantastic. The sound is good, but not great. I have already told friends and relatives that it is a great buy!


Five Stars

Excellent,great value


good value

Great deal for the money. I use a superior sound system, cable tv and media center. It does what I want with good results. I can't speak to over the air signals....

Ronsr 2016-09-27

Great picture ! Great Price

I was very pleased with the quality of the picture and that I could make fine tuning to the picture and sound. The price was outstanding and that it was very light and thin. Set-up was very easy and quick
viet vet 2016-09-23

super tv,excellent,

100 star rating.i love this tv

Pleased so far

So far I am impressed with the picture. The sound isn't loud enough for me but that is because I am hard of hearing. I was nervous about it being a name I never heard of but so far it's been great. Had to adjust the picture right away. Only had it a week or two so unsure of longevity


Know what you're buying

Great inexpensive 4k TV without HDR. Good for a bedroom or 2nd family room. Sound is not great but what flat panel has good sound nowadays. Almost everyone buys a sound bar after the fact. So buy the TV while it's on sale and do the same for a sound bar at a later time.


4k at a premium price

Excellent all the way through. I have Roku 4 hooked up and the TV experience goes up 4 notches. I just wish the mini audio output volume could be adjusted by the TV remote. Otherwise, with my 5-year warranty, it's a keeper. Forget the name brands.



awesome picture


Great TV for the price

First couple weeks of owning it and I'm really impressed. It's true 4k and looks crystal clear. I did feel like the picture significantly improved after tweaking some of the settings to my liking but that's not a con in my eyes. The price makes this go from 4 to 5 stars. Nowhere else can you get a TV of this size and quality for this price range and I can't wait to find more ways to utilize the 4k resolution.

Walter 2016-09-17

Great TV for the price

Just got the tv delivered to my door from walmart and it is great. for $300.00 for a 50" 4k tv it is fantastic!
geo58 2016-09-16

Great TV for it's price

Bought this tv one month ago and so happy I did, it has an excellent picture very good sound and just overall very pleased with the tv

on my god

wow ths is great thanks

Easee1 2016-09-15

Best Bang For The Buck !

Take it from an "Old Head" that has been buying T Vs for many years, this is truly a "Best Buy". Picture is awesome with some color tweaking and the sound quality is on par with higher priced "smart" T Vs. You won‘t be disappointed with this one!

This is a great product

I purchased this about two weeks ago and it arrived on the date promised undamaged . I set it up and turned it on and with a few adjustments to the sound and pic, it's working great . Great picture, the speakers could be better but ok for now. And for the price it can't be beat, 259$. So I would definitely recommend this TV to any of my friends. Thanks Walmart...