Eddie606 2016-09-12

Great features

Just got my TV today. Just in time for my teams first season game. Go Steelers. This TV is very light and thinner than expected, which is good. I like the big red Sceptre that comes on the screen when turned on. Picture quality is great too. A good TV for the price.
Stephie38 2016-08-31

Great picture great price

I just recently bought this 40" TV. So far out of my other brand flatscreens this is by far my favorite. The color is crisp and clear and the sound is wonderful. I was so excited when I saw the price I bought this for. Thank you sceptre for making entertainment more reasonable!!
Gerry B 2016-08-31

Great Value!!

The picture looks great and the sound is good. The only thing keeping me from giving it a 5 star is the fact that there is a significant delay in going from one channel to another.
ChiMa 2016-08-30

Really Good Color and Sound!

We are elderly and a bit set in our ways but our Grandkids were coming for the summer and it was time for a newer TV. We took a chance on a Sceptre and we have been so happy ever since! It was so light to move around, super easy to set up and attach everything and then the quality, clarity and color blew us away! and the sound is great too! The Grandkids approved too. We are very pleased with this purchase and it was so reasonably priced. Very Happy!
AndyNA 2016-08-29

Overall Picture Quality

Set it up yesterday in our bedroom, & so far, very impressed with the sharpness, clarity & natural color quality. Played around with the sound settings as per the instructions, & the sound is adequate for our bedroom situation.
Great Granny 2016-08-21

Great Product

I bought a new LED 40" Sceptre television because I needed a tv for an extra bedroom. The tv I just bought has a vivid picture with bright genuine color, the sound is very crisp, and the set up was very easy and fast. I love the 3 HDMI plugs with a plug for every device imaginable. The reason I bought the Sceptre is because I already have a 5 year old LCD" Sceptre, and it works as well today as it did the day I bought it. The the long durability and quality is great and the price of the Sceptre is remarkably low compared to other sets. I bought the tv online because the Walmart store didn‘t carry it in the store, but I have one warning. Order by the store truck and not the Fed Ex. They arrive broken by Fed Ex delivery, but story delivery sets are in tack. Give Sceptre a try. You will love your purchase.
Susan13 2016-08-18

My dream tv

I just got this tv. I have wanted a tv for my bedroom for a long time and finally I decided I had waited long enough so I began searching for one. At first I planned to put it "in" my entertainment center so I could only get a 24 inch or so to fit. They were as expensive as 32 inch or larger so I changed my plan and decided to put it ‘on‘ then entertainment center. When i found this 40 inch on line I was so surprised as it cost less than all the smaller ones and it was 1080p and most of them were only 740. So I thought, why not. It may be on the big side but what the heck. I just set it up last and I think it is great! Not too big at all. I think anyway and now I‘m glad i had waited. I feel like I‘m at the Ritz everynight!
Lovebug 2016-08-05


I was a little nervous buying it because it was so cheap but it turned out to be great it has a awesome picture good sound couldn‘t beat the price might purchase another one soon.
crisenzio 2016-08-01

Great value

We needed a tv for our downstairs area and were pleasantly surprised at the quality of picture clarity, we are happy with our Sceptre television
Cherokee Pilot 2016-07-24

Great TV at a great price.....

Just bought this TV as a replacement for an older different make which gave out after a couple of years. This brand is one I‘m familiar with for a number of years. The Sceptre brand is used at work for computer monitors and network monitors for years. The Sceptre customer service, when needed, was very helpful with good responses on the monitors. I have had great experiences with this brand over time and would recommend them to everyone wanting a great value. 73s
ANDYMAN 2016-07-21

Great T.V.

We‘ve only had it for a week now, but so far it‘s awesome! The price with a 4 year warranty was so worth it!! You can mess with the picture and sound to make it exactly what you want/need. Very happy with it!!
Jeckel420 2016-07-21

Beautiful picture

I bought this product today and I am already in love with all the features it provides can‘t stop talking about it....
charlie o 2016-07-18

great buy

easy to set up, packaging was very secure,even came with screwdriver to fasten stand
mah88 2016-07-11

Great TV

This is my first TV and I totally love it! I put it in my lounge and it works perfectly and is awesome for the price too. I highly recommend this TV!
Mother of 4 boys 2016-07-06

Loving it!

Just got this TV. Love the picture, the sound and the ease of use. I love how many connectors it has!
Pharmboyz 2016-06-11

Great TV. Great sound too.

This TV has everything I wanted. Sharp picture, 3 HDMI and an added bonus the sound is surprisingly good.
JoJo94 2016-06-08

Completely Satisfied

I was hesitant to get this product because I had never seen any of this brand before, and was basing my decision off the reviews. Fortunately all Sceptre TVs I was looking into had amazing reviews, so I trusted them and I am completely satisfied. It was a great price on Walmart‘s website, and I‘m enjoying everything it offers. The assembly was simple, the start-up was easy, and I‘m loving this product.
Bushog1 2016-05-27

Great Features

We have had our TV for only a couple of days, so far we love it! It is easy to understand and enjoy!
Tony64 2016-05-25

Very nice television

The Sceptre 40 inch television that I purchased is great. The picture is crystal clear and the colors are very vivid. Love this set; and for the money... Great Value.
sfm2 2016-05-17

Excellent Value

Very nice TV. Good features. Good picture.